Green Lantern New Guardians #1 and #2 Review

#2Green Lantern New Guardians is one of the new comics of The New 52. The stories involves Green Lantern Kyle Rayner becoming a magnet for rings of the other lantern corps ( yes there are several lantern corps by now) and now he’s the target of every lantern who thinks he is the thief. Only problem s that Kyle doesn’t know why the rings chose him  but it leads to a brawl and a realization that whatever it’s overriding the ring’s program is doing it because something is coming. And this group of what I like to cal anti team will have to unite to face it. But first lets be clear: This comics is not for novice readers. To completely understand this book, you have to read Green Lantern Rebirth , Sinestro Corps War, Sins of the Star Sapphires, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Agent Orange, Blackest Night, Brightest Day and War of the Green Lantern in order to understand and enjoy this book.

But to give readers a little understanding of the main characters of the New Guardians and what they can do:

1.Red=rage is the emotion used by the Red Lantern Corps represented here by Bleez (red one with skeleton wings). Their rings replace their hearts and removing the ring will kill the bearer, unless aided by a Blue Lantern. The Red Lanterns main attack is a plasma vomit that will melt anything and because rage overwhelms the owner of the red ring, they tend not to think rational.

2.Orange=avarice  is used by Agent Orange. The light of avarice is unique in the sense that there is only one living member of the orange light that is Larfleeze (wikipedia it). Instead we have the construct of Glumulus as the representative of the Agent Orange. The light of avarice is powerful to absorb entire personalities and turn em as avatars of avarice and Glomulus will represent the avarice.

3.Yellow= fear is used by the Sinestro Corps and the one representing that corps  is Arkillo, the drill sergeant of the Sinestro Corps. Having lost the tongue by Mogul, the ring now acts as his voice. Being huge and muscular helps in the intimidation factor and knows hot to use fear to it’s maximum potential.

4.Green=Willpower is the main power of the Green Lantern Corps and it’s used by the main character Kyle Rayner. Given the Green Lantern ring by Ganthet instead of the ring choosing the owner, Kyle is the everyday man who suddenly becomes a Green Lantern, he is chosen by the rings as the new bearer by unknown reasons. And he doesn’t know why, but he intends to find out.

5.Blue=Hope is used by the Blue Lantern Corp and here it’s represented by it’s leader Saint Walker. Blue Lanterns  charge the Green Lanterns’ ring  up to 210% and makes the blue ring’s potential come to 100%. The blue light of hope is able to weaken the light of fear and it’s immune to the orange light of avarice.

6.Indigo= Compassion/Empathy used by the nomadic Indigo Tribe. Munk the second in command is representing the tribe. The compassion light is unique in the sense that it utilizes the light of the other lanterns and redirect it toward the target.

7.Violet= Love is the emotion used by the Star Sapphires and here it’s represented by the former Sinestro Corpswoman and current Star Sapphire Fatality ( not joking, that is her name really lol).  Their ring is able to crystalize their opponent and convert them in star sapphires.


As you can see, it’s kinda complicated but once you have read all of the above and understand it you will come to enjoy it lol.


Later and later 😉


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From Highest to Lowest Selling: The List of the new 52

Using the list of inside pulse , they managed to find the list from highest selling titles of the New 52  from highest to lowest. the list of #1’s are:

1.Justice League


3.Action Comics

4.Green Lantern

5.The Flash


7.Detective Comics

8.Batman:The Dark Knight

9.Batman and Robin

10.Green Lantern: New Guardians


12.Wonder Woman

13.Green Lantern Corps

14.Teen Titans



17.Red Lanterns

18.Justice League Dark


20.Justice League International

21.Green Arrow

22.Swamp Things



25.Red Hood and the Outlaws

26.Birds of Prey

27.The Savage Hawkman



30.The Fury of Firestorm

31.Legion of Super Heroes

32.Suicide Squad


34.Legion Lost

35.Animal Man


37.DC Universe Presents

38.Blue Beetle

39.Captain Atom

40.All Star Western

41.Hawk and Dove

42.Ressurrection Man

43.Demon Knights

44.Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE

45.Mr Terriffic





50.Static Shock

51.Men of War


I am completely surprised that Static Shock appear so lowly to be honest. I personally like it  and it has a good story. I am however not surprised that most of the comics from The Dark Section and The Edge Section are in the lowest selling titles. Except for Justice League Dark which sold nicely.The fact that 7 of 11 of the Batman Section indicates that BATMAN SELLS no matter what. Also, I liked the fact that both Green Lantern and New Guardians were on the top 10. New Guardians have been highly criticized  for it’s story which is unchanged since 2005’s Rebirth. Also that all 4 Lantern titles stayed in the top 20 is testament of the excellent writing in the creative team  of the Green Lantern Section. Sinestro as a Green Lantern is a great idea and Geoff Johns have managed to make Aquaman popular again. How is Green Arrow in #21 I will never know, since it sucks( at least to me). I see most of The Edge and The Dark cancelled but Swamp Thing and JLD are going to be in good shape.

Of course it is still early to tell, but we will see in the october report who is staying and who is leaving. Until then…


First and Careless Rapture to the Second and Reckless Rapture

Anyone that tells ya that there are no clear cut answers to complicated question is a liar. Answers are always clear cut and defining moments. It’s the nature of the answers itself that we fear the most. With that said, how you gain trust from an institution that has very little maturity and it’s very selfish. It’s that selfishness that led to the first and foremost rapture and let to the evolution of what you are reading. But you know that people that were left behind were good folks. You cannot let few apples rot the barrel so you need to move the good apples from the bad barrel. But the bad barrel is not the problem. It’s foundation it’s rotten and abandoned. It;s the fact that the founder of the barrel will finally known that he has opposition. But if we started something wonderful under that first and careless rapture, I think it’s long overdue to break the barrel and free the good apples from the rotten barrel and  the rotten apples themselves.

The first strike must come with strength .A kind of blitzkrieg if possible, but I’m realist. Get ready for the long haul. Cause it’s going to be very long. And who knows. Something wonderful did came out of that first and careless rapture. I wonder what would come from the second and reckless rapture. One way to find out…


Coming out from the shadows is never easy since it will expose you to an untold amounts of circumstances that you haven’t prepared yourself to. But part of the process of life involves dealing with such matters. Beyond any doubts that I have, any fears that I may have in my psyche, it’s my ability to embrace those fears and use them as motivation to move ahead in life. Fear itself is nothing unless it has something to attach onto your psyche. Humanity can overcome their fears, but embracing them is taking away the power to frighten you and use it against others that use it on those who cannot and won’t defend themselves. So embrace your fears and let’s start the second and reckless rapture.

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Yeah…I’m still new at this…but why are we strangers?

As I post more of this and get more experienced, I am limited in what I can publish, so let’s start by this:

1. I’ll discuss the world of manga and how it affects anime developing.

2. With the release of the New 52 by DC Comics, the American comics industry have taken the lead in quality and sales, so how this development affects manga and what should manga do to solve this if it wants to move ahead.
3. How cosplay is finally getting huge in PR and how to find ideas to get a new cosplay for you and me.
4. My collaboration with the Geek Lantern Corp and how we will expand.
5. How this blog will evolve into something cool.
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