First and Careless Rapture to the Second and Reckless Rapture

Anyone that tells ya that there are no clear cut answers to complicated question is a liar. Answers are always clear cut and defining moments. It’s the nature of the answers itself that we fear the most. With that said, how you gain trust from an institution that has very little maturity and it’s very selfish. It’s that selfishness that led to the first and foremost rapture and let to the evolution of what you are reading. But you know that people that were left behind were good folks. You cannot let few apples rot the barrel so you need to move the good apples from the bad barrel. But the bad barrel is not the problem. It’s foundation it’s rotten and abandoned. It;s the fact that the founder of the barrel will finally known that he has opposition. But if we started something wonderful under that first and careless rapture, I think it’s long overdue to break the barrel and free the good apples from the rotten barrel and  the rotten apples themselves.

The first strike must come with strength .A kind of blitzkrieg if possible, but I’m realist. Get ready for the long haul. Cause it’s going to be very long. And who knows. Something wonderful did came out of that first and careless rapture. I wonder what would come from the second and reckless rapture. One way to find out…


Coming out from the shadows is never easy since it will expose you to an untold amounts of circumstances that you haven’t prepared yourself to. But part of the process of life involves dealing with such matters. Beyond any doubts that I have, any fears that I may have in my psyche, it’s my ability to embrace those fears and use them as motivation to move ahead in life. Fear itself is nothing unless it has something to attach onto your psyche. Humanity can overcome their fears, but embracing them is taking away the power to frighten you and use it against others that use it on those who cannot and won’t defend themselves. So embrace your fears and let’s start the second and reckless rapture.


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