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From Highest to Lowest Selling: The List of the new 52

Using the list of inside pulse , they managed to find the list from highest selling titles of the New 52  from highest to lowest. the list of #1’s are:

1.Justice League


3.Action Comics

4.Green Lantern

5.The Flash


7.Detective Comics

8.Batman:The Dark Knight

9.Batman and Robin

10.Green Lantern: New Guardians


12.Wonder Woman

13.Green Lantern Corps

14.Teen Titans



17.Red Lanterns

18.Justice League Dark


20.Justice League International

21.Green Arrow

22.Swamp Things



25.Red Hood and the Outlaws

26.Birds of Prey

27.The Savage Hawkman



30.The Fury of Firestorm

31.Legion of Super Heroes

32.Suicide Squad


34.Legion Lost

35.Animal Man


37.DC Universe Presents

38.Blue Beetle

39.Captain Atom

40.All Star Western

41.Hawk and Dove

42.Ressurrection Man

43.Demon Knights

44.Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE

45.Mr Terriffic





50.Static Shock

51.Men of War


I am completely surprised that Static Shock appear so lowly to be honest. I personally like it  and it has a good story. I am however not surprised that most of the comics from The Dark Section and The Edge Section are in the lowest selling titles. Except for Justice League Dark which sold nicely.The fact that 7 of 11 of the Batman Section indicates that BATMAN SELLS no matter what. Also, I liked the fact that both Green Lantern and New Guardians were on the top 10. New Guardians have been highly criticized  for it’s story which is unchanged since 2005’s Rebirth. Also that all 4 Lantern titles stayed in the top 20 is testament of the excellent writing in the creative team  of the Green Lantern Section. Sinestro as a Green Lantern is a great idea and Geoff Johns have managed to make Aquaman popular again. How is Green Arrow in #21 I will never know, since it sucks( at least to me). I see most of The Edge and The Dark cancelled but Swamp Thing and JLD are going to be in good shape.

Of course it is still early to tell, but we will see in the october report who is staying and who is leaving. Until then…


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