Month 3 Week One Review of New 52 and Delayed Marvel review

Month 3 being November brings all kinds of stories to read and on week one of november we have parts of the new 52 of dc. on week one we have the lauchs of:

1.Action Comics #3

2.Animal Man #3

3.Bawing #3

4.Detective Comics #3

5.Green Arrow #3

6.Hawk and Dove #3

7.Justice league International #3

8.Men of War #3

9.OMAC #3

10.Red Lanterns #3

11.Static Shock #3

12.Stormwatch #3

13.Swamp Thing #3

And in the MARVEL section of the review we have a personal review of  Regenesis X-Men (close as a reboot as Marvel is allowed to to without doing a complete reboot.)

1. Regenesis X-Men

2.Wolverine and the X-Men

3.Uncanny X-Men

Let’s start with the DC first:

Action Comics #3 written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Rags Morales and Gene Ha it’s becoming better and better with each issue. Morrison who has written great stuff as We3, Batman and Robin , and not so greats as Final Crisis, can add this one to the resume of great stories. Its gives us more revelations about Clark’s past and introduces us to his real parents Jor- El and Lara Von-Lar and a cool as hell re invention of Krypto the super wolf dog. Cooler if u ask me. Rags Morales and Gene Ha have made something really cool in the drawings of the story. It doesn’t matter that Jor-El looks like a younger Bruce Campbell hahahahahaha . Highly recommended .

Animal Man #3 is a comics that hauls you in by the story as well as well as it’s interesting weird artwork and drawing (it hurts my eyes sometimes).Written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Travel Foreman is a surprising combination that gives us a creepy and captivating story . Animal Man is becoming a personal favorite and one of the great stories of The Dark Section.

Batwing #3 is the continuing the story of the first black Batman (the Batman of Africa) as part of the global effort of Batman Incorporated to fight crime. Witten by Judd Winick and drawn by Ben Oliver is not a bad effort. Except that I’ve seen this storyline in Batman Beyond. Think about it, a guy repenting for past sins. But it is still enjoyable to read.

Detective Comics #3 continues the story of Batman and Dollmaker as Batman struggles to beat this sick opponent. Written by Tony S. Daniel and drawn Sandu Florea, those two are making a nice combination of storytelling and excellent visuals. It involves the more detective side of Batman (obvious  I know ) and how he deals with it. It also establish a point that may be Batman’s drawback of tunnel vision when he becomes obsessed with catching a criminal. I personally love this story and recommend it but read it first and then judge for yourself.

Green Arrow #3 is already ending it’s first story arc and I must say that this series sucks. JT Krul (worst writer ever) is finishing this lame Batman imitation (at this point it is. Luckily,  Krul’s tenure in Green Arrow is not going to last long and he is being replaced by someone else (i forgot his name). Don’t bother reading this.

Hawk and Dove #3 is a nice addition to the Young Justice section. Written by Sterling Gates and drawn by Rob Liefield, it is a nice storyline to follow. But new readers beware you must have read the past incarnations of Hawk and Dove in order to understand where they are ( pre Flashpoint days) so that you don’t get lost. A rental reading. Pretty much Hawk and Dove are fighting their evil counterpart Condor and Swan and somehow find a way to defeat them. Not bad for a light reading.

Justice League International #3 continues the story as it was left in issue #2 with the Signal Masters. Written by Dan Jurgens and drawn by Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan, this is considered by many the least favourite Justice League due to the fact that most of the heroes (except Batman and Green Lantern Guy Gardner) are third rate heroes. I personally like what Jurgens, Lopresti and Ryan are doing and the way the team interact with each other is often hilarious. August General in Iron is becoming one of the best characters in this group due to the fact that he’s humble, practical and has good manners with very little ego. And he knows when he can win and when he needs to retreat. It is rare to find that in the comics world. Highly recommended from my part.

Men of War #3…what can I say about it. The story of Easy Company doing missions in the middle of the new 52 universe. Since I’m in the military, stories such as this are of little consequences to me. If you want to read it fine by me. I’m indifferent to it. This would have been a decent comic in the Wildstorm universe but on The Edge section it feels too ordinary. That is just my opinion.

OMAC #3 is written by Dan Didio and drawn by Keith Griffen and Scott Koblish. It continues with the adventure of OMAC, an android created by Brother Eye (advanced computer ) and fighting a psychic villain. Sounds retarded but it’s how it’s told by the writer ( who is the top executive at DC Comics). If you are a fan of The Edge Section, go ahead and read this.

Red Lanterns #3 is written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Ed Benes and Rob Hunter. Atrocitus is turning Bleez into his number 2 in charge and with that comes the painful memory of how she became a Red Lantern. We see the relationship of Atrocitus and Bleez develop and they don’t trust each other very much. Benes and Hunter brilliantly illustrates the feelings of the characters clearly and without confusion. Although it feels that the story is going adrift , but I feel that it’s building up for something big and we as readers are not given any hints in the comic itself. Good read.

Static Shock #3 continues Virgil’s adventures in New York. This comic suffers the misfortune of being the lowest selling of all the Young Justice Section. It also suffer from a surprise (in a bad way) of writer John Rozum leaving Static after some controversy. Rozum was a personal friend of Static creator the late Dwayne McDuffie. But in terms of storyline, it s progressing fine. We see Static improving as a hero. Recommended.

Stormwatch #3 is probably the most confusing and the first clusterfuck made by DC in the new 52. It’s all about a organization so secret that had protected Earth from intergalactic threats from medieval times…get the fuck out. The fact that it is established is beyond credibility. And the threats are WAY too BIG TO IGNORE. I personally don’t like this story on the account of too much bullshit that destroys my suspension of disbelief . Enough said, although it is truly sad to see the Martian Manhunter demoted to this bullshit. Truly sad.


Swamp Thing #3 written by the talented Scott Snyder (writing Batman also) and drawn by Yanick Paquette is the great example of how a comic book must be made. Excelent writing, excellent drawing and compelling character development. In this issue we see the first opponent of Swamp Thing and Alec Holland. We see that The Rot is trying to destroy The Green. Sounds ridiculous but it’s great if you read the storyline at issue #1.

Part 2: Marvel Regenesis Review coming soon


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