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The end of the honeymoon for DC…

While checking the November sale charts of Diamond Comic Distributors, it is clear to see that DC’s New 52’s honeymoon have come to an end.

Seeing this chart indicates that Marvel has begun to gain foothold on the general sales of comics nationwide. We have to see December chart 2011 to see if Marvel’s getting their mojo back or if this was a fluke on the sales. What cannot be denied is that the honeymoon period is over. Now DC must put their money where their mouth is and deliver great storyline on their comics. I’m already giving up on Superman, Superboy, Green Lantern Corps and  Red Lantern is pending to be eliminated from my cart.


On Superman and Superboy, well, the story had been a letdown from the beginning…kinda disappointed to be honest. Green Lantern Corps current story arc the Ring Slayers and the keepers (original owners of the lantern lights) is indeed interesting, with everything that has been happening in Green Lantern and New Guardians , unless they plan to integrate the Keepers with current line of events, Green Lantern Corps is loosing me. Red Lantern is still pending but on  the road to be left behind as well. So either DC better be prepare to swim because, the next crossover ” X-Men vs The Avengers is coming on 2012 summer and it looks to be big. But knowing DC , there may be a long term plan for the long run we may not see immediately. There are signs of a BIG event brewing and if you can see the signs good for ya. I know I can but why spoil the fun…finding the signs is so much fun



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