How Supernatural Lost Me…From A Supernatural Fan

I love Supernatural. I stayed even though I thought that it was a bad idea (season 6). I was afraid that instead of becoming the next Buffy the Vampire Slayer (ended at 7 seasons instead of 5 as it should had), it would become the next Smallville ( too long in my opinion).And to add difficulty of selection Fringe is also on Friday nights at the same time as Supernatural. So they force us to select between those two shows. But this seventh season of Supernatural has introduced us a very dangerous element that could kill the show: the “Heroes” syndrome. The “Heroes” syndrome is simply when you introduce an antagonist or bad guy that is too powerful that it makes watching the show impossible. This antagonist was played by Zachary Quinto in Heroes and that guy was the reason why Heroes got cancelled in the middle of it’s fourth season. Now Supernatural have the Leviathan and they are powerful as ever.  Now, it comes to a point where a fan of the show will have enough and decides to watch something else. And for me after watching yesterday’s episode ” Defending your Life” I have decided to stop watch Supernatural and watch Fringe instead. I’ll download Supernatural the next day , but introducing filler episodes is the final straw in me. Filler episodes and invincible bad guys  are recipie for disaster. Plus, Fringe have become an excellent show with top notch acting and writing. And they have stated that they will NOT stay beyond 6 seasons. The best shows are the ones that are re watched after they ended long ago. Buffy should have ended in sesson 5 and smallville in 8 seasons without fillers.

And after downloading episode 4 of Fringe “Subject 9” I have decided to watch Fringe instead of Supernatural on Fridays night. I’ll download it for the next day. I haven’t abandoned the series, but let’s be realistic, I would not be surprised that many would have. After all the show was meant to last only 5 seasons. There is only so much you can expand before the series has to end.



After watching “Adventures in Babysitting” and seeing the preview of “Time After Time After Time”; it is clear to me that Supernatural have lost its way. Instead of turning into a Buffy The Vampire Slayer, it is becoming another Smallville…being on the air after its expiration date. The fact that I’m more exited that Fringe is returning rather than Supernatural is pretty sad considering how good the show was.


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