Cosplay and such

Prepare for Comic Con and other Issues

Yeah, I’ve been busy and I have neglected updating this so my bad, but now I’m back. And I’m getting ready for Puerto Rico Comic Con 2012. It seems like a long way for May 2012 but time has a funny way to fly fast. And with that  The biggest question arise: Should I go to the Con in cosplay or not?

OF COURCE I WILL BE IN COSPLAY……question is which one?

I have been planning going as Ultimate Spider Man Miles Morales. He’s new to the world of comics ( debuting on Ultimate Fallout #4 on 2011) and his new costume is quite cooler than the original Spider Man costume.

Pretty cool huh…I know. And more good news for me…I managed to find someone to build the suit. But I need to convince my friends to go in cosplay as well. Maybe I can convince some of em. I know I’m not the only one so…kudos to me.


This is an ongoing story so stay tuned for updates.