The Ultimate Taboo: How Jeph Loeb Broke the Biggest Taboo in Comics Storytelling

For every fan of Ultimate Marvel Universe, Everyone knows that everything changed with Ultimatum. And every fan of Ultimate Marvel HATES Ultimatum and Jeph Loeb because of what he did. He broke the status quo in such a way that even till this day in 2012, it comes as a shock and disbelief. And we hate him for doing so. But the truth of the matter is that in retrospective he broke the ultimate taboo (pun intended) by showing us the end battle of the heroes in which the dark future starts and the heroes fell. It’s true the in Ultimatum the heroes won, but at a high price. The X-Men were decimated, the Fantastic Four broken (turning Reed Richards mad) and severely injuring the Ultimates.

And looking at the Ultimate Universe today in the Post-Ultimatum world, things are not getting better. But lets be realistic, the regular 616 Marvel Universe started to suck since Civil War. Not because of the repercussions of the event but how Marvel Comics have mitigated and in some cases erasing the consequences (One More Day for Spider Man fans). And Fear Itself was a hell of a letdown. Plus the X-Men have become a disappointment (Schism and Uncanny X-Men) with the exception of Wolverine and the X-Men. Jeph Loeb did what many wanted but at the same time did not wanted to see: the end battle. Cause to be honest, 616 Universe always, always, ALWAYS gives us one variation or another of the dark and dystopian future in which everything is screwed up and yet it never happens no matter how bad the situation gets. But by breaking that taboo and showing us just how the world went bad, and the consequences of such actions. THERE IS NO TURNING BACK (for the bastard that wrote OMD) and seeing the world forward, it’s pretty cool. A new Spider Man (black/Latino), the X-Men managing thru the ugly truth ( the x-gene was created by the government and not evolution) and the Ultimates getting their asses handed to them by crazy Reed Richards (now the Maker) and his Children of Tomorrow (an evil Future Foundation). It’s a world that is going to hell quickly, but with the taboo broken, they can do awesome stories such as this. And even though we hate Loeb for Ultimatum, in retrospect, it was the next logical step. And breaking taboos is what comic books are all about. To tell stories that often needs to be heard and told in an awesome way. The truth may free us but it hurts like hell. And that’s what happened in Ultimate Marvel Universe. I still dislike Ultimatum. And my first comic I bought is Ultimate Spider Man #2 and Ultimate X-Men #4 so trust me when I say that I HATE ULTIMATUM, but to be honest, looking back, it was necessary. What you guys think of it?


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