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Ultimate Comics Ultimates #25: Disassembled Spoiler ALERT (maybe)

Ultimate Comics Ultimates 025 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 006

If there is one good thing about the Ultimate Marvel line is that they know how to shake things up. An if the image above you doesn’t indicate trouble of EPIC proportions, I honestly don’t know what it will. With Sam Humphries leaving the series after DIVIDED WE FALL, UNITED WE STAND and RECONSTRUCTION we have Joshua Fialkov filling in with Disassembled. As the name implies, it is Ultimate Kang and the ultimate race to complete the infinity gems collection. By liberating Banner along with the help of Quicksilver and Reed Richards, you have assembled (pun intended) a team of super brilliant people, all betrayed or abandoned by the Ultimates and with a grudge to settle.

The good:

this new storyline is great and indicates that everything is about to become a rollercoaster of changes and fights.

The bad:

I have to be honest here, the artwork is not great, but it feels like a gonzo work (which I don’t mind, but many will).Carmine Di Giandomenico is penciling this issue and it feels too cartoonish considering how the series has taken a dire and serious tone. Also, this is not a good point to jump back into Ultimate Marvel.To catch up to what’s been happening you may need to step back a little way back into The Republic is Burning (Ultimate Comics Ultimates 1-5 to start understanding what happened.


Alternate cover is very retro and a nice touch but this can tell you that Cap, Iron Man, Thor and the rest of the Ultimates are in serious crap


Bad for the Ultimates, good for the readers, although not a great starting point for new readers and relapsing Ultimate Marvel fans, once you are up to date you WILL enjoy this story.

stay gold…BANG


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