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And the looser of the next generation war is……

I know that the winner is usually announced rather than the looser but IF they are planning to implement what they say they are, they have already lost the war. I’m taking about:


YUP, the looser is none other than XBOX ONE. In a article of Forbes ( it explains the greatest fear of gamers regarding the biggest issue right now, the use of used games, internet connectivity and copyright issues. To put it in layman’s term, Microsoft is telling that gamers must connect every 24 hours to play the device, limit their borrowing of games to only a couple of friends and that selling used games requires authorization by the developer. Connecting every 24 hours is hard for people with limited internet connection and impossible for deployed soldiers (myself being one of them as of june 7 2013). Forget about game catalogs (they also abandoned that ) and new stuff, Microsoft have pretty much made the XBOX ONE as a dud as Windows 8 (and we all know how THAT turned). Forget about price of console, Sony and Nintendo has got the video game war all to themselves. Hardcore gamers will not go the Microsoft route and it’s too complicated for simple gamers ( Nintendo has that market well under their control). Sony’s main chief Shuhei Yoshida already told the public that Sony won’t force user to connect to play games, yet he left that decision in the hand of the publishers. Maybe he said it because he wasn’t sure what Microsoft’s position was at the time but now they know. Everybody knows. And if Yoshida is smart he’ll score a coup by clarifying once and for all that PS4 can play used games with no problems. He will win by default all the hardcore gamers with such move. Also leaving the connection issue to the developers leave them liable to negative backlash if their games requires to pull a Microsoft ( connect every 24 hours). Really smart strategy. As a gamer, I can tell you that the XBOX ONE will NOT be on my list as long as they have a DRM. The backlash is just beginning but I can tell you that Microsoft f*cked up BIG TIME and will pay the price for it. Sony would be smart to avoid DRM (Digital Rights Management) completely and focus on making games and take advantage of Microsoft’s blunder. As for Nintendo, for all the talk about struggling to sell, the same can be said of PS4 and XBOX ONE when they come out. It’s not because of product quality is because the struggling economy are forcing people to bare necessities only. Nintendo needs to fix whatever problems they have and attract third party publishers (Nintendo’s achilles heel). As soon as good games come up the Wii U and the economy recovers (hopefully soon) sales will improve.


I would put a picture of the PS4 if they released it so until then here’s the controller


I guess we have to wait until E3 for them to release the PS4, but make no mistake Sony has a golden opportunity to get ahead of the game against Microsoft. It would be stupid to let it go to waste.

later and stay gold…bang


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