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How Nintendo Can Get It’s Groove Back

While Microsoft is dealing with the mess of the XBOX ONE debacle, Sony is probably in about to announce their next move to counter react Microsoft for the win. But many have forgotten that Nintendo has launched the Wii U 7 months ago and while it’s not selling well, the leadership inside the House of Mario & Link (or Zelda as it is confused), may be making moves to change their luck. After all, one company’s misfortune can translate into success for another. People tend to forget that NIntendo has been at the video game industry since the mid 1980’s and they have survived with success so far. Articles like this: pretty much indicates that Nintendo is making a move into something they are not willing to discuss but will make a meaningful impact for fall and Christmas sales, right around the time that both XBOX ONE and PS4 will be available. Granted, both new consoles will be the hot sales, but the Wii U is already out there and there’s plenty of stock available for the deluxe model.It’s clear that Nintendo has a game plan and it’s beginning to implement while everybody else is worried about the Microsoft/Sony feud. Playing by their own field is what made the Wii a success to be envied and ultimately copied. I believe Nintendo can win their groove back and they seem to be doing the following steps to ensure victory.

As a long time gamer I believe that in order to Nintendo win back some gamers of long time it needs to do the following:

1. Fix the initial bugs: This is mandatory since the XBOX ONE and PS4 are arriving for this fall season. If the software doesn’t work right, the Wii U will be stuck where it is and loose potential clients.
2. Expand library of classic games: This one they seem to be doing right. In this article by Game Informer explains that a classic from the SNES era is returning: , which for short MEGA MAN X is returning from it’s glory days of the SNES. If Nintendo keeps expanding not only with such titles from SNES but from N64 and Game Cube as well, you can bet that it will attract a lot old school gamers and hardcore gamers disappointed by the Microsoft debacle. So far Nintendo seems to be doing this one right.
3. Lower the price of the bundle: This one may be one of the reasons why the Wii U 8GB starter may be removed can be to give space for the “premium” 32 GB version and lower the price of the bundle to something affordable. And with ample supply already available, it could become the perfect surprise for those unfortunate to not get the new XBOX ONE or PS4.
4. Promote the console: Even though the Wii U has been on the market since november 18 2012, there has been little promotion or marketing strategy to promote the Wii U for the mass audience. Unlike the PS4 or the XBOX ONE which are being promoted right now, it seems that Nintendo did not thought well it’s strategy to promote the new console and create a stable market that developers might want to make games for the console.

This are a few ideas for Nintendo to get their groove back. What do you think Nintendo should do to get their groove back?



One thought on “How Nintendo Can Get It’s Groove Back

  1. feelingblind says:

    If there is a price drop, or a bundle that include the new Super Smash Bros. I’d be interested in picking the system up.

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