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It Always Has Been And Will Be All About Games and The Same is True for Nintendo

I would say anything about the massive coup that Sony delivered. I’ll give you the links of those who have done a better job than I ever will resuming that. However I will discuss the current panorama for NIntendo. I have always been a fan of video games (be it by Sony, Sega, Microsoft, or Nintendo) and whoever gets the most memorable games get my money and time. However I must say that Nintendo needs to step up on his games if they want to survive. All the blog post, all the news posting list last days I have seen a consistent ignoring of NINTENDO. Sure it’s E3 presentation was modest but do YOU honestly believe that they could have done a better job than SONY?!?!?? The Wii U is already available so Nintendo doesn’t have to worry about supply. WHAT Nintendo needs to worry about is the lack of promotion to the new consoles and the games available to em. Granted they are not much BUT the Wii U unlike the PS4 and XBOX ON can play Wii games so that’s money NOT wasted.

But the real meat and potatoes of this article is about the need to publish good games on your system. In the particular case of Nintendo, they need to sell enough consoles and games to attract more publishers to make more Wii U games. Right now they have several exclusive and non exclusive titles that impressed the hell out of me (not easy for Nintendo to make that to ME) and when you see it, at the very least you can say that Nintendo is moving forward, though not as fast as it needs to be.



Bayonetta 2 by Platinum Games. The very fact that this became a Wii U exclusive is nothing short of amazing. And good for the mature audience, it’s nice to see that Nintendo is not all about kids (Resident Evil 4 proved that on the Game Cube). Available on 2014


The Wonderful 101 by Platinum Games. This one is quite interesting and should be quite interesting to see how the developers used the wii u control to it’s fullest (hopefully). Available on September 15 2013.


Pickmin 3 by Nintendo. This has become a staple of Nintendo genius and honestly is a recent entry (started with the Game Cube). Highly addicting and cool for kids and starters, this game will be released on August 4 2013, so that’s not that far from now.


Scribblenauts Unmasked – A DC Comics Adventure. A good game for the family and this is DC trusting Nintendo by making this exclusive. Available on September 30, 2013.

X by Monolight Soft. From the studio that made Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenosaga Episodes I, II, & III we have this yet titled game. This demo however made me realize that Nintendo is delaying release because they want to make this game a badass game (EA please take note). To be released on 2014.

And this is just in the exclusive titles ( if I miss some sorry). There are some none exclusive titles that can still kick some ass.


Say what you want about Nintendo, but there is a LOT of good games that are going to be released between this fall and next year. Sales have been slow for the console, sure but that always happens when you don’t have an extensive library, and Nintendo has that too. Nintendo still has some good games in their virtual library. Just recently they released this classic jewel:


This is a classic jewel of the SNES collection and as long as they add more kick ass games, then THIS will help Nintendo in the long run. I’ve read countless articles recently about Nintendo’s demise and I must say that they are playing their own game and no one else’s. All they need to do is release the Game Cube library online to buy and they will have my hard earned money. Just a suggestion Nintendo.

stay gold people and bang


3 thoughts on “It Always Has Been And Will Be All About Games and The Same is True for Nintendo

  1. feelingblind says:

    I know the Wii U is a technologically inferior console, but Nintendo has all the games I’m interested in playing. Well not all, but everything else is coming to PC, so if I pick a Wii U in 2014 when the games actually come out for it, I’ll be set.

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