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Erase and Rewind on Corporate Greed?

Is it me or corporate America (the ones handling video games ) is somehow and strangely listening to the costumers? First Microsoft does a near complete reversal on the DRM issue and then EA announcing that it will permanently drop season pass. Is it me or are we in a alternate universe?


XBOX One leaving all that is not THAT surprising considering how the pre order from stores were so lopsided to the PS4 over MS. In fact I’m glad they decided to close that trap for themselves. I still think that the damage is done and it will take years for people to trust Microsoft again. It doesn’t help that it’s the most expensive console out there so far and kinect watching or spying you doesn’t help either. I still find myself surprised on how Sony went for the gold by doing the opposite. They certainly won many fans for that.EA_E311

EA on the other hand was an unexpected surprise. But I think that after 2 years nonstop of winning the title “Worst Company in America”, I think they have had enough. Eliminating all seasons pass and that crap is certainly a welcome and I think that hey have learned the most important lesson in business: don’t push your clients away.



stay gold and later…bang


2 thoughts on “Erase and Rewind on Corporate Greed?

  1. feelingblind says:

    I have a feeling these were business decisions that everything to do with sales figures, not consumer outcry. Whenever a company says they are “listening to consumers” all they really mean is that they are looking at the financial data.

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