2 years on later: DC’s The New 52

Well into two whole years since DC Comics rebooted their entire line of comics back to square one (and zero eventually), and we are seeing the first crossover event FOREVER EVIL . 45028_10151827729853485_1238000598_n

At the very least DC has kept consistent of going forward and not reverting to the old pre new 52 way. In a ironic way, they have managed to go bold and do stuff that really changes the status quo. However not all this are good. Dc has taken some serious missteps that in the long run will ruin the New 52 initiative. The worst of the bunch is one that can be called a self inflicting wound: the constant change of writers due to to editor problems is the one constant factor that many talented writers leave like Grant Morrison, George Perez, Sterling Gates, Gail Simone (and then the outcry against DC became so strong that they were forced to hire her back) and now the writers of Batwoman, J.H. Williams III and Haden Blackman all because they were not permuted to do a lesbian wedding. Also Andy Diggle, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Kevin Maguire were kicked out of the main lines before they even started. For where I AM seeing, the editors of DC are looking like the big bads from DC joint. Dan Didio and Jim Lee better start do some serious revaluation on the editorial process. The New 52 is kicking ass because of the fact that they are giving writers wide berth to to some kick ass stories ( Batman’s A CIty of Owls, Justice Leagues’ Origin). They just need to do some serious revaluation and most importantly to keep that pool of valuable writers, otherwise the new 52 will become a failure.

stay gold and later


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