Cataclysm 0.1: Spoiler Free Review


This is finally it. The Cataclysm has begun. Although I am not a fan of point one issues, this issue i found extremely illuminating in illustrating just how big of a mess the Ultimates are going to be in a mess they may not come alive. And while yes this is a spoiler free review I will tell ya to read Ultimate Disassembled to see the intent of just how bad the Ultimates have fucked up saving the universe.

This issue stars Ultimate Vision (last seen in the Ga Lak Tus trilogy) and her journey to decipher Galactus and to find a way to defeat him. Not to spoil anything (kinda hard) but Vision comes to a realization that only one person can save them now. Unfortunately he tried in Disassembled and failed (on the account of Tony Stark). And just as Ultimate Kang said to her past self: salvation lies with **********. Who is this hero? Read Ultimate Comics Ultimates TPB Disassembled to find out.

Fialkov did an excellent job in giving us a story which shows just how grey the world has become and how broken the Ultimate Marvel Universe has become. The only downside comes from the artists Nico Suayan, Mirco Perfederici and Leonard Kirk. For only a issue, 3 artist are too much and the art suffers as a result. Plus the “love story” between Sam Wilson and Vision is a little too creepy. As a result I would give this issue a 3 out of 5.


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