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Forward into Games and Looking Backward

While the new generation of consoles have just hit the shelves right now, I decided to make 2014 the year of retro gaming for me.Cleaning my room and organizing my games collection made me realize that I had a lot of retro games I haven’t even played. Not fair considering that a lot of em are good games. While deployed I barely had time to rest so now that I am back and getting back on track I decided to play these games they way they should. I started with the legendary Playstation 2 (PS2) since i have a nice collection of unplayed games there.Most of these games are known as Japanese Role Playing Games or JRPG for short. Say what you want about Japs RPG but outside of North America JRPG’s are loved as classics (most of them).

And we start with:

1.Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

This game launched on Japan on 2005 and released in North America in 2006, this game is a nice collection of RPG using alchemy and has a very nice story. Currently playing and it has a nice spun track and the English voice cast is not bad itself.

2.Final Fantasy X

YES I haven’t played this game well, after all I am guilty of neglecting this one. Number 2 in my list to play after I finish Atelier Iris, this one i will not have to wait to March to get it HD ( a scam if you ask me). All the motivation I have is there to finish the first one and start this one.

3.Wild ARMS 3

My favorite one of all the WILD ARMS series, this one I played a while back before being distracted by PS3 and all that. Must properly finish this game and I will.

4.Rogue Galaxy

This one is one I regretted not paying the attention it deserved. Great combat system for an RPG, great story but most importantly a stellar VOICE CAST. Will Friedle (Batman Beyond, Thundercats), Steve Bloom ( Cowboy Beebop, MEGAS XLR), Natalie Lander (Saints Row the Third, God of War III), Yuri Lowenthal ( look at Wikipedia for the long ass list of all the cool stuff he’s voiced over the years). This is a cult jewel in the making. DEFINITELY going to replay this and give it proper respect when I finish the others.

5.Wild ARMS 5:

I got this one in special edition and I haven’t yet opened it. From the review I read of this game I hear it’s an enjoyable game. Will give this one a try later on.

That’s all I have so far so tell me what you think and Happy 2014. Bang


One thought on “Forward into Games and Looking Backward

  1. Good luck with your backlog! I shall be conquering Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana this year as well, among other things.

    As for the Wild ARMs games, both WA3 and WA5 were long games for me, with WA5 being about 60 hours and WA3 being like 80 (the game clock severely underestimates the time spent playing it since it doesn’t run when the menu is open or something like that)? I didn’t even do many side quests. Anyway, I don’t know your gaming habits at all but I’d probably still recommend tackling WA3 sooner than later since it’s more like a marathon journey than a quick-moving journey. WA5 felt decently fast despite the many hours I put in it, but maybe it was the silliness that made it feel fluffy and light like that.

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