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Forward into Games and Looking Backward

While the new generation of consoles have just hit the shelves right now, I decided to make 2014 the year of retro gaming for me.Cleaning my room and organizing my games collection made me realize that I had a lot of retro games I haven’t even played. Not fair considering that a lot of em are good games. While deployed I barely had time to rest so now that I am back and getting back on track I decided to play these games they way they should. I started with the legendary Playstation 2 (PS2) since i have a nice collection of unplayed games there.Most of these games are known as Japanese Role Playing Games or JRPG for short. Say what you want about Japs RPG but outside of North America JRPG’s are loved as classics (most of them).

And we start with:

1.Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

This game launched on Japan on 2005 and released in North America in 2006, this game is a nice collection of RPG using alchemy and has a very nice story. Currently playing and it has a nice spun track and the English voice cast is not bad itself.

2.Final Fantasy X

YES I haven’t played this game well, after all I am guilty of neglecting this one. Number 2 in my list to play after I finish Atelier Iris, this one i will not have to wait to March to get it HD ( a scam if you ask me). All the motivation I have is there to finish the first one and start this one.

3.Wild ARMS 3

My favorite one of all the WILD ARMS series, this one I played a while back before being distracted by PS3 and all that. Must properly finish this game and I will.

4.Rogue Galaxy

This one is one I regretted not paying the attention it deserved. Great combat system for an RPG, great story but most importantly a stellar VOICE CAST. Will Friedle (Batman Beyond, Thundercats), Steve Bloom ( Cowboy Beebop, MEGAS XLR), Natalie Lander (Saints Row the Third, God of War III), Yuri Lowenthal ( look at Wikipedia for the long ass list of all the cool stuff he’s voiced over the years). This is a cult jewel in the making. DEFINITELY going to replay this and give it proper respect when I finish the others.

5.Wild ARMS 5:

I got this one in special edition and I haven’t yet opened it. From the review I read of this game I hear it’s an enjoyable game. Will give this one a try later on.

That’s all I have so far so tell me what you think and Happy 2014. Bang


Cataclysm 0.1: Spoiler Free Review


This is finally it. The Cataclysm has begun. Although I am not a fan of point one issues, this issue i found extremely illuminating in illustrating just how big of a mess the Ultimates are going to be in a mess they may not come alive. And while yes this is a spoiler free review I will tell ya to read Ultimate Disassembled to see the intent of just how bad the Ultimates have fucked up saving the universe.

This issue stars Ultimate Vision (last seen in the Ga Lak Tus trilogy) and her journey to decipher Galactus and to find a way to defeat him. Not to spoil anything (kinda hard) but Vision comes to a realization that only one person can save them now. Unfortunately he tried in Disassembled and failed (on the account of Tony Stark). And just as Ultimate Kang said to her past self: salvation lies with **********. Who is this hero? Read Ultimate Comics Ultimates TPB Disassembled to find out.

Fialkov did an excellent job in giving us a story which shows just how grey the world has become and how broken the Ultimate Marvel Universe has become. The only downside comes from the artists Nico Suayan, Mirco Perfederici and Leonard Kirk. For only a issue, 3 artist are too much and the art suffers as a result. Plus the “love story” between Sam Wilson and Vision is a little too creepy. As a result I would give this issue a 3 out of 5.


The End of October and the Beginning of November and Cataclysm


As October ends so does the current run of Ultimate Comics from Marvel to give way to the Cataclysm. Ultimate Comics Ultimates (it’s longest run from 2011-2013) already ended on September and Ultimate Comics Spider Man v.2 and Ultimate Comics X-Men end this month. And it all starts at Cataclysm .01 staring Ultimate Vision.


This issue will set up for all of those who want to start re reading ultimate marvel again is a good spot to prepare yourself to the event that will define Ultimate Marvel.

Bring it on


TPB Review of Talon Vol.1 Scourge of the Owls



Written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. Illustrated by Guillem March.


i will admit that most people do not review trade paperback for many reasons. i found this tpb curious to see how the Court of Owls have developed and founded myself regretting not being involved in this story earlier. This story involves Calvin Rose, the only Talon ever to escape the reach of the Court of Owls. In the aftermath of the Night of the Owls, the Court finds itself short on Talons to do their bidding. Calvin embarks on a journey back to Gotham to confront and destroy what’s left of teh Court, but finds himself overwhelmed by the power of the Court. For those of us who followed the Court of Owls in Batman, we can see here an expanded universe inside the dark corner of Gotham.  The standout character is Calvin Rose. Being a pupil of Haly’s Circus ( the same circus as Dick Grayson, the current Nightwing and former Robin.) he was recruited by the Court of Owls to become a Talon. You see how he changes and becomes the only Talon to escape the reach of the Court. Calvin is an escape artist second to none (beating an “unbreakable” lock of Waynetech) and you can see why the Court is interested in recovering Rose. Snyder and Tynion (star pupil who took over completely in writing Talon) do an excellent job in creating an underground world the which Batman finds it hard to track of. While Calvin doesn’t have the resources and toys that Wayne has, he has first hand experience in handling the Talons which were modernized due to the serum Mr Freeze made for them. However the situation for both the Court and Rose turns desperate as each one does what they can to win the endgame. The Court desperate and weakened by Batman and Lincoln March ( Earth One’s Owlman….see Batman #10 and #11 for details) are forced to release and awake Talons that were considered TOO dangerous to release (even to the Court). Releasing the infamous Gotham Butcher is one of the desperate moves done by the Grandmaster of the Court to get back on their feet. 


The Good: 

Bedside the great story , the artwork by Guillen March is superb.  Collecting issues 0-7, it is a particularly superb long read. Of course another plus is the fact that it came out in paperback and not in hardcover which makes it affordable to get. At $17 buck it is not bad, plus all the extra artwork is a nice addition to the tpb.


The Bad:

having waiting to buy this tpb, to enjoy this wonderful read



If you can, get this trade, it is worth it and it’s good to catch up with current events. A good expansion of Gotham beyond Batman and the underground world that he tend to miss.


Ultimate Comics Ultimates #30: Ultimates Disassembled Finale



The final issue of Ultimate Comics Ultimates before the start of Cataclysm and I must say that it did not disappoint. It does feel a little clustered with all the information packed in. Probably the only downside to the whole “Ultimates Disassembled” story arc. I’ll try to avoid spoiling as much as possible so you can enjoy reading it and be shocked. IT has a lot of fights and interesting dialog that not only moves the story forward but also explains Ultimate Kang’s origins and motivation. So this issue is laying the groundwork for Cataclysm which will change the face of Ultimate Marvel as a whole and we see that for the Ultimate Marvel Universe to survive, the Ultimates had to de disassembled (pun intended i know). So the Ultimate emerge victorious and victory is won, but the Ultimate Marvel will suffer from their interference. The art is a little clustered and confusing at times but you have to read each page slowly to fully grasp the implications. This single issue pretty much rewrites the history of Ultimate Marvel and Ultimate Reed Richards.  Pretty much it explains WHY Reed Richards went the path he went after the Ultimatum Wave. This is major to say the least. Joshua Hale Fialkov have done a good job in laying the groundwork for Bendis’ Cataclysm.  


A good read if you read all Disassembled issues from 25-30.  Let’s wait and see what Cataclysm brings


stay gold


As if DC Comics need more bad news…..Swam Song for The Flash


Another one bite the dust as it is now confirmed that Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul who have been writing The Flash since 2010 are leaving the book for some unknown (as of 2013) for next year. t is a very sad tale since they have done a beautiful job in revamping the Flash and Barry Allen plus in The New 52 era, modernizing both the support cast and the villains. This plus the past news of editorial heavy hand makes me as a fan ask the dreaded question i did not wanted to ask: WHAT THE HELL S GOING ON IN DC COMICS?????? i would ask Dan Didio and Jim Lee to stop their con tours and find out about what is going on since DC is bleeding writers and artist at an alarming rate. Look what happened to Marvel when the exodus happened just at the dawn of the 1990’s. i feel the same may happen to DC and could screw up with their long term plan.

stay gold cause my heart just sank

here is the link for the article