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What Cataclysm Means to Me


Honestly with a name like Cataclysm The Ultimates Last Stand it doesn’t leave much to the imagination . For many the Ultimate Marvel Universe is coming to an end. I don’t think it’s happening but I do believe that it will means several things.

1.The end of the Ultimates as we know it. I think the name says it all. It will be the Ultimates last battle. The current roster of Ultimate Captain America, Hawkeye, and the rest (it may include the Dark Ultimates) in a battle with Galactus.
2. Like Ultimatum was a hiatus to the mutants, this will be the same for the Ultimates.
3. A Ultimate Marvel NOW like relaunch. I see it as a strong possibility. A new team of Ultimates (like MC2 version).

AND bedside…..joining Ultimate Marvel with 616 (regular) universe is stupid just to save Miles Morales. I seriously doubt that MARVEL will kill Miles Morales. He’s an original Ultimate creation. So you are telling me that you will transport Miles into the regular marvel and screw his family, friends and network? SERIOUSLY? I doubt it, but this event will means changes to Ultimate Marvel. Time will tell.

comics news and review, opinions

What I Leave Behind on Comics I Will Drop

I re-starting reading and collecting comics in 2011, with the emergence of DC Comics’ New 52 initiative and Ultimate Marvel Reborn by Marvel Comics. So I’m returning to a hobby I left behind in 2006 or so and I may be a little rusty on collecting. But one thing for sure is that my reading habits are at a constant evolution. Some comics I’ve decided to leave behind and others I have managed to hold on. And still others I have managed to get ahold of and keep reading. There are many factors on why I keep or leave behind and many who can read comics do the same. But so far this is my list of comics I read this year and I will include comics that I have left behind this year or planning to do so and I will explain my reasons. You may not agree to em, but we can agree to disagree.

What I CUrrently Read:

1.All New X-Men
3.Batman Beyond Unlimited ( Batman Beyond Universe)
4.Captain Marvel
5.Fanboys VS Zombies
8.Green Lantern
9.Green Lantern: New Guardians
10.Justice League
11.The Manhattan Projects
13.Superior Spider Man
14.Ultimate Comics Spider Man
15.Ultimate Comics Ultimates
16.Ultimate Comics X-Men
17.Uncanny X-Men
18. X-Men

It looks like a lot and trust me it is but it is time to admit that some of these Comics I will be droping soon for various reasons. Some I will drop entirely and others I will get em only online.

What I’ll Drop :

All New X-Men- This may shock some but not everything that Brian Michael Bendis writes is good, however it is good enough for me to get online. I expect this series to finish after X-Men Battle of the Atoms in September.

Captain Marvel: This one I will drop because of budget concerns that I may be overextending and the fact that I cannot afford to get the current crossover here.

Fanboys VS Zombies: Liked it when Sam Humphries was there at the helm but unfortunately I will drop it soon since he left.

Ghostbusters: This one I’m limiting to online, but not physical print.

Green Lantern: Geoff Johns run was nothing short of epic but I feel like it’s time to move on.

Green Lantern New Guardians: The fact that I grew to hate the blue bastards and seeing em here with Kyle Rayner means that I’m leaving this series. I liked it when there were all members of the lantern coprs interacting wit heach other.

“Superior” Spider Man: This “bash” Peter Parker’s legacy is tiring me and after issue 9 I knew that it’s time to let it go. CANNOT STAND that comic anymore.

Uncanny X-Men and X-men: Both are going to buy online only.

There are 2 comics that are upcoming and decided to hatch on and see where it goes from here on:

1.Superman Unchained: Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. Sure Snyder kinda screwed up Death of the Family in the end but I still have faith in him.

2. Batman Beyong Universe: This is one universe that refuses to die and since I watched Batman Beyond as a kid I am glad that it keeps living on even if it is on the comic medium.

stay gold and later

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Ultimate Comics Ultimates #25: Disassembled Spoiler ALERT (maybe)

Ultimate Comics Ultimates 025 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 006

If there is one good thing about the Ultimate Marvel line is that they know how to shake things up. An if the image above you doesn’t indicate trouble of EPIC proportions, I honestly don’t know what it will. With Sam Humphries leaving the series after DIVIDED WE FALL, UNITED WE STAND and RECONSTRUCTION we have Joshua Fialkov filling in with Disassembled. As the name implies, it is Ultimate Kang and the ultimate race to complete the infinity gems collection. By liberating Banner along with the help of Quicksilver and Reed Richards, you have assembled (pun intended) a team of super brilliant people, all betrayed or abandoned by the Ultimates and with a grudge to settle.

The good:

this new storyline is great and indicates that everything is about to become a rollercoaster of changes and fights.

The bad:

I have to be honest here, the artwork is not great, but it feels like a gonzo work (which I don’t mind, but many will).Carmine Di Giandomenico is penciling this issue and it feels too cartoonish considering how the series has taken a dire and serious tone. Also, this is not a good point to jump back into Ultimate Marvel.To catch up to what’s been happening you may need to step back a little way back into The Republic is Burning (Ultimate Comics Ultimates 1-5 to start understanding what happened.


Alternate cover is very retro and a nice touch but this can tell you that Cap, Iron Man, Thor and the rest of the Ultimates are in serious crap


Bad for the Ultimates, good for the readers, although not a great starting point for new readers and relapsing Ultimate Marvel fans, once you are up to date you WILL enjoy this story.

stay gold…BANG

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The end of the honeymoon for DC…

While checking the November sale charts of Diamond Comic Distributors, it is clear to see that DC’s New 52’s honeymoon have come to an end.

Seeing this chart indicates that Marvel has begun to gain foothold on the general sales of comics nationwide. We have to see December chart 2011 to see if Marvel’s getting their mojo back or if this was a fluke on the sales. What cannot be denied is that the honeymoon period is over. Now DC must put their money where their mouth is and deliver great storyline on their comics. I’m already giving up on Superman, Superboy, Green Lantern Corps and ┬áRed Lantern is pending to be eliminated from my cart.


On Superman and Superboy, well, the story had been a letdown from the beginning…kinda disappointed to be honest. Green Lantern Corps current story arc the Ring Slayers and the keepers (original owners of the lantern lights) is indeed interesting, with everything that has been happening in Green Lantern and New Guardians , unless they plan to integrate the Keepers with current line of events, Green Lantern Corps is loosing me. Red Lantern is still pending but on ┬áthe road to be left behind as well. So either DC better be prepare to swim because, the next crossover ” X-Men vs The Avengers is coming on 2012 summer and it looks to be big. But knowing DC , there may be a long term plan for the long run we may not see immediately. There are signs of a BIG event brewing and if you can see the signs good for ya. I know I can but why spoil the fun…finding the signs is so much fun