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My future cosplays for CEE and beyond

Since my deployment is nearly at the end (Afghanistan since 2012) I’ve decided is past time to keep expanding my cosplay collection. Ultimate Spider Man Miles Morales was great and all but I need to do more. The list of future cosplays goes like this:




1.Desmond Miles of Assassin’s Creed 3. This one is one of the easiest to make and more comfortable to wear in a tropical island. I’m nearly 40% done with it (it can be done while in a war zone you just need creativity) and can finish the other 2 components that needs to be manufactured back home. I ┬ácan expect to have it ready for CEE in September where I will debut it.



2. The Monarch Henchmen. Nothing indicates hilarious like a bunch of idiots dressed like the Monarch Henchmen. The ultimate EXPENDABLE crew serving the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend in their never ending quest to hench and stalk Dr. Venture. I’m trying to convince my friends to do this for COMIC CON 2014 (best to start early I say), but I will persevere. Still in planning phase.



Uncanny X-Men v3 001-010


3. The Uncanny X-Men (MARVEL NOW! version). This one is the BIG idea I have planned for PR COMIC CON 2014. My goal is to make this possible. I personally want to go as Uncanny Cyclops. And after watching galleries upon galleries of pictures of PR COMIC CON 2013 I think I may found others to play the rest of the team. Just need a little convincing to do.


Of course there are other ideas to do for different cosplays.








Future Foundation: This one I see possible too in a near future




Reverse Flash New 52 Edition. I must be honest I like this costume over the yellow one which looked retarded ( don’t hate old reverse flash fans) . This one looks more menacing and badass. This is plan B in case Uncanny X-Men Marvel NOW doesn’t happen. It’s always good to have plan B.


Ultimates 04 Lizzy n thegroup p22


Former Fantastic Four, Founder of the Children of Tomorrow and destroyer of Asgard (in the Ultimate Marvel universe) Reed Richard in the Maker suit. Lot of makeover to be sure but Plan C . Nice helmet .


ultimates divided we fall united we stand


Ultimates from Ultimate Comics Ultimates: they look more badass than their Avengers counterpart and here death does count. a beyond possibility.


let’s not forget




Ultimate Spider Man Miles Morales ( if you have it flaunt it). lessons learned from the galleries of PR Comic Con 2013 on FB and other social media outlets.


that’s all for now. Opinions are welcomed as long as they are respectful and credit for the pictures goes to their makers. i do not own them, I merely use em to point an illustration of my future plans


stay gold…BANG


Cosplay and such

Prepare for Comic Con and other Issues

Yeah, I’ve been busy and I have neglected updating this so my bad, but now I’m back. And I’m getting ready for Puerto Rico Comic Con 2012. It seems like a long way for May 2012 but time has a funny way to fly fast. And with that ┬áThe biggest question arise: Should I go to the Con in cosplay or not?

OF COURCE I WILL BE IN COSPLAY……question is which one?

I have been planning going as Ultimate Spider Man Miles Morales. He’s new to the world of comics ( debuting on Ultimate Fallout #4 on 2011) and his new costume is quite cooler than the original Spider Man costume.

Pretty cool huh…I know. And more good news for me…I managed to find someone to build the suit. But I need to convince my friends to go in cosplay as well. Maybe I can convince some of em. I know I’m not the only one so…kudos to me.


This is an ongoing story so stay tuned for updates.