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And another one joins Toonami: Sword Art Online

This may sound like old news but regardless, i’ve been busy at work and kinda lost myself for a while. It seems that Sword Art Online will join Toonami in August of this year as part of the expansion. This is great news since SAO is new anime (relatively) and this indicates that Toonami is expanding at a healthy rate. Along with the return of IGPX (in rerun form), this may prove my theory that one day soon enough Toonami will displace Adult Swim. I’m not surprised that Venture Bros started with season 5 at a time when Toonami’s ratings are climbing.

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ON hibernation

The GeekPOd is currently on hibernation. I’m stuck at Afghanistan and organizing it for now it’s impossible. Might be back by fall 2013 as the best case scenario


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Yeah…I’m still new at this…but why are we strangers?

As I post more of this and get more experienced, I am limited in what I can publish, so let’s start by this:

1. I’ll discuss the world of manga and how it affects anime developing.

2. With the release of the New 52 by DC Comics, the American comics industry have taken the lead in quality and sales, so how this development affects manga and what should manga do to solve this if it wants to move ahead.
3. How cosplay is finally getting huge in PR and how to find ideas to get a new cosplay for you and me.
4. My collaboration with the Geek Lantern Corp and how we will expand.
5. How this blog will evolve into something cool.
thanks and later