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What Cataclysm Means to Me


Honestly with a name like Cataclysm The Ultimates Last Stand it doesn’t leave much to the imagination . For many the Ultimate Marvel Universe is coming to an end. I don’t think it’s happening but I do believe that it will means several things.

1.The end of the Ultimates as we know it. I think the name says it all. It will be the Ultimates last battle. The current roster of Ultimate Captain America, Hawkeye, and the rest (it may include the Dark Ultimates) in a battle with Galactus.
2. Like Ultimatum was a hiatus to the mutants, this will be the same for the Ultimates.
3. A Ultimate Marvel NOW like relaunch. I see it as a strong possibility. A new team of Ultimates (like MC2 version).

AND bedside…..joining Ultimate Marvel with 616 (regular) universe is stupid just to save Miles Morales. I seriously doubt that MARVEL will kill Miles Morales. He’s an original Ultimate creation. So you are telling me that you will transport Miles into the regular marvel and screw his family, friends and network? SERIOUSLY? I doubt it, but this event will means changes to Ultimate Marvel. Time will tell.


How Ultimate Marvel Is Stealing Marvel Universe’s Groove…Again

Think of Ultimate Marvel as DC Comics’ Earth Two where characters are taken into directions the regular universe cannot go. That is what Ultimate Marvel started with in 2000 with Ultimate Spider Man and Ultimate X-Men. 13 years later we have so much material and great stuff coming out of it (despite Jeph Loeb’s attempt to derail it from 2006-2009). And as much critics and stuff is being said about Ultimate Universe, nobody cannot deny it’s unique storytelling is influencing Marvel and beyond.


Without a doubt, THIS event is where Ultimate Universe deviated from the 616 (regular) universe. It showed us where this universe will go to show that things ARE different here. With the X-Men practically decimated and changed the way events are held. Sure people hate Loeb for Ultimatum but in the long run he liberated writers and established a golden rule : once dead, they stay dead. I’m a firm believer that comic books deaths have in the long run ruined events since we know they will not die or will be revived soon thereafter. NOT in the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE.

There is also a point of characters growing up and evolving. Whether good or bad, characters growing is always welcomed as they indicate that this world is never static. The most dramatic example of a character evolving to parallels never before is Ultimate Reed Richards.


Sure, he turned into a “villain”, but when you read his storyline, abandoned by the government after the Ultimatum Wave, abandoned by Sue Stormm and Ben Grimm, it’s hard not to feel sympathy for him. has he done horrible thing, yes. But he managed to prove that to save the world you need to be ready for anything. Not that I condone what he has done but I understand his mindset. Bullied by his father, other students and kids, and then Sue herself, I am not surprised he turned the way he did.


But now he’s part of the “Dark Ultimates” and he’s saving the world ( Ultimate Comics Ultimates #26).

Plus, no character is safe in this universe:


Death of Spider Man is one of those storylines that has left an incredible impact when it comes to the death of a superhero. Amazing Spider Man #700 suffered because Ultimate Spider Man #160 did such a superb job in describing Parker’s last moments among the living. PLus his successor Miles Morales is in many ways a better Spider Man than the “Superior” Spider Man of Dan Slott.


Plus his suit is cooler looking than the “Superior” counterpart.

So how is Ultimate Marvel Universe stealing the groove of Regular Marvel Universe?

1.Character likeness: Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury for starters. Regular Marvel Universe Nick Fury is white and yet for the movies, the animation (Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider Man TV SHOW) and the general consensus that Fury is a cool looking black dude that knows what’s going on.

2.Costume Design: Captain America’s outfit in the films and in the animation is based on what was done with THE ULTIMATES than the general Marvel comics.

3. The writers: When Ultimate Marvel started, you had Mark Millar, Brian Michael Bendis making a bolder take on the properties Marvel had and making them relevant as well as modernizing their origins. For a time, that pool of talent that infused Ultimate Marvel better were moved to the regular Marvel Universe while Jeph Loeb started to LOebtomize Ultimate Marvel.

4. Limited comics: Right now, Ultimate Marvel is limited to 3 ongoing comics: Ultimate Comics Spider Man, Ultimate Comics Ultimates and Ultimate Comics X-Men. There is the advantage that with only 3 currently running books, you can coordinate better the stories and create a more cohesive universe. With Brian Woods on UXM, Bendis on UCSM, and Josh Fialkov on Ultimates, it s clear that this universe is going to be shaken and give us stories to talk about for years.

I’m still a little skeptical about “Hunger” the new crossover between regular marvel and ultimate marvel ( the first one is Spider Men). A lot can go wrong and ruin this universe. But I still have a little hope that this storyline will be cool.

What you guys think? Stay gold and bang….till next time

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Erase and Rewind on Corporate Greed?

Is it me or corporate America (the ones handling video games ) is somehow and strangely listening to the costumers? First Microsoft does a near complete reversal on the DRM issue and then EA announcing that it will permanently drop season pass. Is it me or are we in a alternate universe?


XBOX One leaving all that is not THAT surprising considering how the pre order from stores were so lopsided to the PS4 over MS. In fact I’m glad they decided to close that trap for themselves. I still think that the damage is done and it will take years for people to trust Microsoft again. It doesn’t help that it’s the most expensive console out there so far and kinect watching or spying you doesn’t help either. I still find myself surprised on how Sony went for the gold by doing the opposite. They certainly won many fans for that.EA_E311

EA on the other hand was an unexpected surprise. But I think that after 2 years nonstop of winning the title “Worst Company in America”, I think they have had enough. Eliminating all seasons pass and that crap is certainly a welcome and I think that hey have learned the most important lesson in business: don’t push your clients away.

stay gold and later…bang

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What I Leave Behind on Comics I Will Drop

I re-starting reading and collecting comics in 2011, with the emergence of DC Comics’ New 52 initiative and Ultimate Marvel Reborn by Marvel Comics. So I’m returning to a hobby I left behind in 2006 or so and I may be a little rusty on collecting. But one thing for sure is that my reading habits are at a constant evolution. Some comics I’ve decided to leave behind and others I have managed to hold on. And still others I have managed to get ahold of and keep reading. There are many factors on why I keep or leave behind and many who can read comics do the same. But so far this is my list of comics I read this year and I will include comics that I have left behind this year or planning to do so and I will explain my reasons. You may not agree to em, but we can agree to disagree.

What I CUrrently Read:

1.All New X-Men
3.Batman Beyond Unlimited ( Batman Beyond Universe)
4.Captain Marvel
5.Fanboys VS Zombies
8.Green Lantern
9.Green Lantern: New Guardians
10.Justice League
11.The Manhattan Projects
13.Superior Spider Man
14.Ultimate Comics Spider Man
15.Ultimate Comics Ultimates
16.Ultimate Comics X-Men
17.Uncanny X-Men
18. X-Men

It looks like a lot and trust me it is but it is time to admit that some of these Comics I will be droping soon for various reasons. Some I will drop entirely and others I will get em only online.

What I’ll Drop :

All New X-Men- This may shock some but not everything that Brian Michael Bendis writes is good, however it is good enough for me to get online. I expect this series to finish after X-Men Battle of the Atoms in September.

Captain Marvel: This one I will drop because of budget concerns that I may be overextending and the fact that I cannot afford to get the current crossover here.

Fanboys VS Zombies: Liked it when Sam Humphries was there at the helm but unfortunately I will drop it soon since he left.

Ghostbusters: This one I’m limiting to online, but not physical print.

Green Lantern: Geoff Johns run was nothing short of epic but I feel like it’s time to move on.

Green Lantern New Guardians: The fact that I grew to hate the blue bastards and seeing em here with Kyle Rayner means that I’m leaving this series. I liked it when there were all members of the lantern coprs interacting wit heach other.

“Superior” Spider Man: This “bash” Peter Parker’s legacy is tiring me and after issue 9 I knew that it’s time to let it go. CANNOT STAND that comic anymore.

Uncanny X-Men and X-men: Both are going to buy online only.

There are 2 comics that are upcoming and decided to hatch on and see where it goes from here on:

1.Superman Unchained: Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. Sure Snyder kinda screwed up Death of the Family in the end but I still have faith in him.

2. Batman Beyong Universe: This is one universe that refuses to die and since I watched Batman Beyond as a kid I am glad that it keeps living on even if it is on the comic medium.

stay gold and later


The Ultimate Taboo: How Jeph Loeb Broke the Biggest Taboo in Comics Storytelling

For every fan of Ultimate Marvel Universe, Everyone knows that everything changed with Ultimatum. And every fan of Ultimate Marvel HATES Ultimatum and Jeph Loeb because of what he did. He broke the status quo in such a way that even till this day in 2012, it comes as a shock and disbelief. And we hate him for doing so. But the truth of the matter is that in retrospective he broke the ultimate taboo (pun intended) by showing us the end battle of the heroes in which the dark future starts and the heroes fell. It’s true the in Ultimatum the heroes won, but at a high price. The X-Men were decimated, the Fantastic Four broken (turning Reed Richards mad) and severely injuring the Ultimates.

And looking at the Ultimate Universe today in the Post-Ultimatum world, things are not getting better. But lets be realistic, the regular 616 Marvel Universe started to suck since Civil War. Not because of the repercussions of the event but how Marvel Comics have mitigated and in some cases erasing the consequences (One More Day for Spider Man fans). And Fear Itself was a hell of a letdown. Plus the X-Men have become a disappointment (Schism and Uncanny X-Men) with the exception of Wolverine and the X-Men. Jeph Loeb did what many wanted but at the same time did not wanted to see: the end battle. Cause to be honest, 616 Universe always, always, ALWAYS gives us one variation or another of the dark and dystopian future in which everything is screwed up and yet it never happens no matter how bad the situation gets. But by breaking that taboo and showing us just how the world went bad, and the consequences of such actions. THERE IS NO TURNING BACK (for the bastard that wrote OMD) and seeing the world forward, it’s pretty cool. A new Spider Man (black/Latino), the X-Men managing thru the ugly truth ( the x-gene was created by the government and not evolution) and the Ultimates getting their asses handed to them by crazy Reed Richards (now the Maker) and his Children of Tomorrow (an evil Future Foundation). It’s a world that is going to hell quickly, but with the taboo broken, they can do awesome stories such as this. And even though we hate Loeb for Ultimatum, in retrospect, it was the next logical step. And breaking taboos is what comic books are all about. To tell stories that often needs to be heard and told in an awesome way. The truth may free us but it hurts like hell. And that’s what happened in Ultimate Marvel Universe. I still dislike Ultimatum. And my first comic I bought is Ultimate Spider Man #2 and Ultimate X-Men #4 so trust me when I say that I HATE ULTIMATUM, but to be honest, looking back, it was necessary. What you guys think of it?


How Supernatural Lost Me…From A Supernatural Fan

I love Supernatural. I stayed even though I thought that it was a bad idea (season 6). I was afraid that instead of becoming the next Buffy the Vampire Slayer (ended at 7 seasons instead of 5 as it should had), it would become the next Smallville ( too long in my opinion).And to add difficulty of selection Fringe is also on Friday nights at the same time as Supernatural. So they force us to select between those two shows. But this seventh season of Supernatural has introduced us a very dangerous element that could kill the show: the “Heroes” syndrome. The “Heroes” syndrome is simply when you introduce an antagonist or bad guy that is too powerful that it makes watching the show impossible. This antagonist was played by Zachary Quinto in Heroes and that guy was the reason why Heroes got cancelled in the middle of it’s fourth season. Now Supernatural have the Leviathan and they are powerful as ever.  Now, it comes to a point where a fan of the show will have enough and decides to watch something else. And for me after watching yesterday’s episode ” Defending your Life” I have decided to stop watch Supernatural and watch Fringe instead. I’ll download Supernatural the next day , but introducing filler episodes is the final straw in me. Filler episodes and invincible bad guys  are recipie for disaster. Plus, Fringe have become an excellent show with top notch acting and writing. And they have stated that they will NOT stay beyond 6 seasons. The best shows are the ones that are re watched after they ended long ago. Buffy should have ended in sesson 5 and smallville in 8 seasons without fillers.

And after downloading episode 4 of Fringe “Subject 9” I have decided to watch Fringe instead of Supernatural on Fridays night. I’ll download it for the next day. I haven’t abandoned the series, but let’s be realistic, I would not be surprised that many would have. After all the show was meant to last only 5 seasons. There is only so much you can expand before the series has to end.



After watching “Adventures in Babysitting” and seeing the preview of “Time After Time After Time”; it is clear to me that Supernatural have lost its way. Instead of turning into a Buffy The Vampire Slayer, it is becoming another Smallville…being on the air after its expiration date. The fact that I’m more exited that Fringe is returning rather than Supernatural is pretty sad considering how good the show was.