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And another one joins Toonami: Sword Art Online

This may sound like old news but regardless, i’ve been busy at work and kinda lost myself for a while. It seems that Sword Art Online will join Toonami in August of this year as part of the expansion. This is great news since SAO is new anime (relatively) and this indicates that Toonami is expanding at a healthy rate. Along with the return of IGPX (in rerun form), this may prove my theory that one day soon enough Toonami will displace Adult Swim. I’m not surprised that Venture Bros started with season 5 at a time when Toonami’s ratings are climbing.

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Toonami 2.0: Catching Up To Our Times 2012-present

Thanks to “Bring Back Toonami” campaign (which I proudly participated) Toonami is back in business bringing us kick ass cartoons. However many fans are complaining that it’s not the same as it was before. Certain cartoons are not aired (even if it is a rerun) and many other. I’ve analyzed a couple of theories based on the interviews from the producers of Toonami.

1. Back in “pilot mode”

Think of it as Toonami 2.0. It’s been 4 years since Toonami was in the air and for starters it’s under Adult Swim jurisdiction. The segment has been revived by the audience and fan demand so now, it’s the fan and their support. If they see an increase of viewership, they will get more increase and evolve into Toonami 2.1

2. Limited Budget for Licensing

We all remember IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix was commissioned by Cartoon Network and Toonami and those of you all that were there remember Big O season 2 also requested by CN. Those days are gone. Since dismantling Toonami 1.0 (1997-2008) this new version doesn’t have the same budget as the first time around. Plus Cartoon Network in those dark years ( 2008-2012) made sure that some licenses expired or did not even bothered to renew it. As a result, they lost many shows ( Dragon Ball Z, Gundam, as an example).

3. Overshadowing Adult Swim

With Adult Swim taking over Toonami, they have made sure that Toonami does NOT overshadow them. In the long run this is destined to fail since Adult Swim has made terrible shows and decisions ( selling Futurama to Comedy Central). Plus overtime Adult Swim has moved from adult animation into live action and just plain weird show (Tim and Eric’s whatever that was, I never paid attention, that’s how boring it was). As long as Toonami keeps doing their job and the fans keep putting input and useful suggestions, Toonami will prosper. Also for some strange reason AS won’t allow Toonami to show reruns of Megas XLR. My suspicions is that they fear a “Family Guy Effect” ( reruns gaining ratings to the point that is revived and budget has to be assigned).

4.Catching Up With The Times

A LOT of anime shows were not shown during those 4 dark years. Sure we have Netflick and the like but it’s not the same as putting them on a segment and promote them. THAT is what Toonami is all about. That’s why you see runs of Cashew Sins, Soul Eater and the like. The more audience it gets, teh more budget the producers get and more shows are aired. It would take 2 years to start giving new current material on par with Japan, but at the rate they’re going they can make it.

This are only a couple of theories I have. You are more than Welcome to input opinion on how Toonami can get back on track. At the time I write this I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and therefore cannot see Toonami. But for the rest, please WATCH IT.