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Forward into Games and Looking Backward

While the new generation of consoles have just hit the shelves right now, I decided to make 2014 the year of retro gaming for me.Cleaning my room and organizing my games collection made me realize that I had a lot of retro games I haven’t even played. Not fair considering that a lot of em are good games. While deployed I barely had time to rest so now that I am back and getting back on track I decided to play these games they way they should. I started with the legendary Playstation 2 (PS2) since i have a nice collection of unplayed games there.Most of these games are known as Japanese Role Playing Games or JRPG for short. Say what you want about Japs RPG but outside of North America JRPG’s are loved as classics (most of them).

And we start with:

1.Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

This game launched on Japan on 2005 and released in North America in 2006, this game is a nice collection of RPG using alchemy and has a very nice story. Currently playing and it has a nice spun track and the English voice cast is not bad itself.

2.Final Fantasy X

YES I haven’t played this game well, after all I am guilty of neglecting this one. Number 2 in my list to play after I finish Atelier Iris, this one i will not have to wait to March to get it HD ( a scam if you ask me). All the motivation I have is there to finish the first one and start this one.

3.Wild ARMS 3

My favorite one of all the WILD ARMS series, this one I played a while back before being distracted by PS3 and all that. Must properly finish this game and I will.

4.Rogue Galaxy

This one is one I regretted not paying the attention it deserved. Great combat system for an RPG, great story but most importantly a stellar VOICE CAST. Will Friedle (Batman Beyond, Thundercats), Steve Bloom ( Cowboy Beebop, MEGAS XLR), Natalie Lander (Saints Row the Third, God of War III), Yuri Lowenthal ( look at Wikipedia for the long ass list of all the cool stuff he’s voiced over the years). This is a cult jewel in the making. DEFINITELY going to replay this and give it proper respect when I finish the others.

5.Wild ARMS 5:

I got this one in special edition and I haven’t yet opened it. From the review I read of this game I hear it’s an enjoyable game. Will give this one a try later on.

That’s all I have so far so tell me what you think and Happy 2014. Bang

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Erase and Rewind on Corporate Greed?

Is it me or corporate America (the ones handling video games ) is somehow and strangely listening to the costumers? First Microsoft does a near complete reversal on the DRM issue and then EA announcing that it will permanently drop season pass. Is it me or are we in a alternate universe?


XBOX One leaving all that is not THAT surprising considering how the pre order from stores were so lopsided to the PS4 over MS. In fact I’m glad they decided to close that trap for themselves. I still think that the damage is done and it will take years for people to trust Microsoft again. It doesn’t help that it’s the most expensive console out there so far and kinect watching or spying you doesn’t help either. I still find myself surprised on how Sony went for the gold by doing the opposite. They certainly won many fans for that.EA_E311

EA on the other hand was an unexpected surprise. But I think that after 2 years nonstop of winning the title “Worst Company in America”, I think they have had enough. Eliminating all seasons pass and that crap is certainly a welcome and I think that hey have learned the most important lesson in business: don’t push your clients away.

stay gold and later…bang

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It Always Has Been And Will Be All About Games and The Same is True for Nintendo

I would say anything about the massive coup that Sony delivered. I’ll give you the links of those who have done a better job than I ever will resuming that. However I will discuss the current panorama for NIntendo. I have always been a fan of video games (be it by Sony, Sega, Microsoft, or Nintendo) and whoever gets the most memorable games get my money and time. However I must say that Nintendo needs to step up on his games if they want to survive. All the blog post, all the news posting list last days I have seen a consistent ignoring of NINTENDO. Sure it’s E3 presentation was modest but do YOU honestly believe that they could have done a better job than SONY?!?!?? The Wii U is already available so Nintendo doesn’t have to worry about supply. WHAT Nintendo needs to worry about is the lack of promotion to the new consoles and the games available to em. Granted they are not much BUT the Wii U unlike the PS4 and XBOX ON can play Wii games so that’s money NOT wasted.

But the real meat and potatoes of this article is about the need to publish good games on your system. In the particular case of Nintendo, they need to sell enough consoles and games to attract more publishers to make more Wii U games. Right now they have several exclusive and non exclusive titles that impressed the hell out of me (not easy for Nintendo to make that to ME) and when you see it, at the very least you can say that Nintendo is moving forward, though not as fast as it needs to be.



Bayonetta 2 by Platinum Games. The very fact that this became a Wii U exclusive is nothing short of amazing. And good for the mature audience, it’s nice to see that Nintendo is not all about kids (Resident Evil 4 proved that on the Game Cube). Available on 2014


The Wonderful 101 by Platinum Games. This one is quite interesting and should be quite interesting to see how the developers used the wii u control to it’s fullest (hopefully). Available on September 15 2013.


Pickmin 3 by Nintendo. This has become a staple of Nintendo genius and honestly is a recent entry (started with the Game Cube). Highly addicting and cool for kids and starters, this game will be released on August 4 2013, so that’s not that far from now.


Scribblenauts Unmasked – A DC Comics Adventure. A good game for the family and this is DC trusting Nintendo by making this exclusive. Available on September 30, 2013.

X by Monolight Soft. From the studio that made Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenosaga Episodes I, II, & III we have this yet titled game. This demo however made me realize that Nintendo is delaying release because they want to make this game a badass game (EA please take note). To be released on 2014.

And this is just in the exclusive titles ( if I miss some sorry). There are some none exclusive titles that can still kick some ass.


Say what you want about Nintendo, but there is a LOT of good games that are going to be released between this fall and next year. Sales have been slow for the console, sure but that always happens when you don’t have an extensive library, and Nintendo has that too. Nintendo still has some good games in their virtual library. Just recently they released this classic jewel:


This is a classic jewel of the SNES collection and as long as they add more kick ass games, then THIS will help Nintendo in the long run. I’ve read countless articles recently about Nintendo’s demise and I must say that they are playing their own game and no one else’s. All they need to do is release the Game Cube library online to buy and they will have my hard earned money. Just a suggestion Nintendo.

stay gold people and bang

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How Nintendo Can Get It’s Groove Back

While Microsoft is dealing with the mess of the XBOX ONE debacle, Sony is probably in about to announce their next move to counter react Microsoft for the win. But many have forgotten that Nintendo has launched the Wii U 7 months ago and while it’s not selling well, the leadership inside the House of Mario & Link (or Zelda as it is confused), may be making moves to change their luck. After all, one company’s misfortune can translate into success for another. People tend to forget that NIntendo has been at the video game industry since the mid 1980’s and they have survived with success so far. Articles like this: pretty much indicates that Nintendo is making a move into something they are not willing to discuss but will make a meaningful impact for fall and Christmas sales, right around the time that both XBOX ONE and PS4 will be available. Granted, both new consoles will be the hot sales, but the Wii U is already out there and there’s plenty of stock available for the deluxe model.It’s clear that Nintendo has a game plan and it’s beginning to implement while everybody else is worried about the Microsoft/Sony feud. Playing by their own field is what made the Wii a success to be envied and ultimately copied. I believe Nintendo can win their groove back and they seem to be doing the following steps to ensure victory.

As a long time gamer I believe that in order to Nintendo win back some gamers of long time it needs to do the following:

1. Fix the initial bugs: This is mandatory since the XBOX ONE and PS4 are arriving for this fall season. If the software doesn’t work right, the Wii U will be stuck where it is and loose potential clients.
2. Expand library of classic games: This one they seem to be doing right. In this article by Game Informer explains that a classic from the SNES era is returning: , which for short MEGA MAN X is returning from it’s glory days of the SNES. If Nintendo keeps expanding not only with such titles from SNES but from N64 and Game Cube as well, you can bet that it will attract a lot old school gamers and hardcore gamers disappointed by the Microsoft debacle. So far Nintendo seems to be doing this one right.
3. Lower the price of the bundle: This one may be one of the reasons why the Wii U 8GB starter may be removed can be to give space for the “premium” 32 GB version and lower the price of the bundle to something affordable. And with ample supply already available, it could become the perfect surprise for those unfortunate to not get the new XBOX ONE or PS4.
4. Promote the console: Even though the Wii U has been on the market since november 18 2012, there has been little promotion or marketing strategy to promote the Wii U for the mass audience. Unlike the PS4 or the XBOX ONE which are being promoted right now, it seems that Nintendo did not thought well it’s strategy to promote the new console and create a stable market that developers might want to make games for the console.

This are a few ideas for Nintendo to get their groove back. What do you think Nintendo should do to get their groove back?


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And the looser of the next generation war is……

I know that the winner is usually announced rather than the looser but IF they are planning to implement what they say they are, they have already lost the war. I’m taking about:


YUP, the looser is none other than XBOX ONE. In a article of Forbes ( it explains the greatest fear of gamers regarding the biggest issue right now, the use of used games, internet connectivity and copyright issues. To put it in layman’s term, Microsoft is telling that gamers must connect every 24 hours to play the device, limit their borrowing of games to only a couple of friends and that selling used games requires authorization by the developer. Connecting every 24 hours is hard for people with limited internet connection and impossible for deployed soldiers (myself being one of them as of june 7 2013). Forget about game catalogs (they also abandoned that ) and new stuff, Microsoft have pretty much made the XBOX ONE as a dud as Windows 8 (and we all know how THAT turned). Forget about price of console, Sony and Nintendo has got the video game war all to themselves. Hardcore gamers will not go the Microsoft route and it’s too complicated for simple gamers ( Nintendo has that market well under their control). Sony’s main chief Shuhei Yoshida already told the public that Sony won’t force user to connect to play games, yet he left that decision in the hand of the publishers. Maybe he said it because he wasn’t sure what Microsoft’s position was at the time but now they know. Everybody knows. And if Yoshida is smart he’ll score a coup by clarifying once and for all that PS4 can play used games with no problems. He will win by default all the hardcore gamers with such move. Also leaving the connection issue to the developers leave them liable to negative backlash if their games requires to pull a Microsoft ( connect every 24 hours). Really smart strategy. As a gamer, I can tell you that the XBOX ONE will NOT be on my list as long as they have a DRM. The backlash is just beginning but I can tell you that Microsoft f*cked up BIG TIME and will pay the price for it. Sony would be smart to avoid DRM (Digital Rights Management) completely and focus on making games and take advantage of Microsoft’s blunder. As for Nintendo, for all the talk about struggling to sell, the same can be said of PS4 and XBOX ONE when they come out. It’s not because of product quality is because the struggling economy are forcing people to bare necessities only. Nintendo needs to fix whatever problems they have and attract third party publishers (Nintendo’s achilles heel). As soon as good games come up the Wii U and the economy recovers (hopefully soon) sales will improve.


I would put a picture of the PS4 if they released it so until then here’s the controller


I guess we have to wait until E3 for them to release the PS4, but make no mistake Sony has a golden opportunity to get ahead of the game against Microsoft. It would be stupid to let it go to waste.

later and stay gold…bang