TPB Review of Talon Vol.1 Scourge of the Owls



Written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. Illustrated by Guillem March.


i will admit that most people do not review trade paperback for many reasons. i found this tpb curious to see how the Court of Owls have developed and founded myself regretting not being involved in this story earlier. This story involves Calvin Rose, the only Talon ever to escape the reach of the Court of Owls. In the aftermath of the Night of the Owls, the Court finds itself short on Talons to do their bidding. Calvin embarks on a journey back to Gotham to confront and destroy what’s left of teh Court, but finds himself overwhelmed by the power of the Court. For those of us who followed the Court of Owls in Batman, we can see here an expanded universe inside the dark corner of Gotham.  The standout character is Calvin Rose. Being a pupil of Haly’s Circus ( the same circus as Dick Grayson, the current Nightwing and former Robin.) he was recruited by the Court of Owls to become a Talon. You see how he changes and becomes the only Talon to escape the reach of the Court. Calvin is an escape artist second to none (beating an “unbreakable” lock of Waynetech) and you can see why the Court is interested in recovering Rose. Snyder and Tynion (star pupil who took over completely in writing Talon) do an excellent job in creating an underground world the which Batman finds it hard to track of. While Calvin doesn’t have the resources and toys that Wayne has, he has first hand experience in handling the Talons which were modernized due to the serum Mr Freeze made for them. However the situation for both the Court and Rose turns desperate as each one does what they can to win the endgame. The Court desperate and weakened by Batman and Lincoln March ( Earth One’s Owlman….see Batman #10 and #11 for details) are forced to release and awake Talons that were considered TOO dangerous to release (even to the Court). Releasing the infamous Gotham Butcher is one of the desperate moves done by the Grandmaster of the Court to get back on their feet. 


The Good: 

Bedside the great story , the artwork by Guillen March is superb.  Collecting issues 0-7, it is a particularly superb long read. Of course another plus is the fact that it came out in paperback and not in hardcover which makes it affordable to get. At $17 buck it is not bad, plus all the extra artwork is a nice addition to the tpb.


The Bad:

having waiting to buy this tpb, to enjoy this wonderful read



If you can, get this trade, it is worth it and it’s good to catch up with current events. A good expansion of Gotham beyond Batman and the underground world that he tend to miss.


As if DC Comics need more bad news…..Swam Song for The Flash


Another one bite the dust as it is now confirmed that Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul who have been writing The Flash since 2010 are leaving the book for some unknown (as of 2013) for next year. t is a very sad tale since they have done a beautiful job in revamping the Flash and Barry Allen plus in The New 52 era, modernizing both the support cast and the villains. This plus the past news of editorial heavy hand makes me as a fan ask the dreaded question i did not wanted to ask: WHAT THE HELL S GOING ON IN DC COMICS?????? i would ask Dan Didio and Jim Lee to stop their con tours and find out about what is going on since DC is bleeding writers and artist at an alarming rate. Look what happened to Marvel when the exodus happened just at the dawn of the 1990’s. i feel the same may happen to DC and could screw up with their long term plan.

stay gold cause my heart just sank

here is the link for the article


2 years on later: DC’s The New 52

Well into two whole years since DC Comics rebooted their entire line of comics back to square one (and zero eventually), and we are seeing the first crossover event FOREVER EVIL . 45028_10151827729853485_1238000598_n

At the very least DC has kept consistent of going forward and not reverting to the old pre new 52 way. In a ironic way, they have managed to go bold and do stuff that really changes the status quo. However not all this are good. Dc has taken some serious missteps that in the long run will ruin the New 52 initiative. The worst of the bunch is one that can be called a self inflicting wound: the constant change of writers due to to editor problems is the one constant factor that many talented writers leave like Grant Morrison, George Perez, Sterling Gates, Gail Simone (and then the outcry against DC became so strong that they were forced to hire her back) and now the writers of Batwoman, J.H. Williams III and Haden Blackman all because they were not permuted to do a lesbian wedding. Also Andy Diggle, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Kevin Maguire were kicked out of the main lines before they even started. For where I AM seeing, the editors of DC are looking like the big bads from DC joint. Dan Didio and Jim Lee better start do some serious revaluation on the editorial process. The New 52 is kicking ass because of the fact that they are giving writers wide berth to to some kick ass stories ( Batman’s A CIty of Owls, Justice Leagues’ Origin). They just need to do some serious revaluation and most importantly to keep that pool of valuable writers, otherwise the new 52 will become a failure.

stay gold and later

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What I Leave Behind on Comics I Will Drop

I re-starting reading and collecting comics in 2011, with the emergence of DC Comics’ New 52 initiative and Ultimate Marvel Reborn by Marvel Comics. So I’m returning to a hobby I left behind in 2006 or so and I may be a little rusty on collecting. But one thing for sure is that my reading habits are at a constant evolution. Some comics I’ve decided to leave behind and others I have managed to hold on. And still others I have managed to get ahold of and keep reading. There are many factors on why I keep or leave behind and many who can read comics do the same. But so far this is my list of comics I read this year and I will include comics that I have left behind this year or planning to do so and I will explain my reasons. You may not agree to em, but we can agree to disagree.

What I CUrrently Read:

1.All New X-Men
3.Batman Beyond Unlimited ( Batman Beyond Universe)
4.Captain Marvel
5.Fanboys VS Zombies
8.Green Lantern
9.Green Lantern: New Guardians
10.Justice League
11.The Manhattan Projects
13.Superior Spider Man
14.Ultimate Comics Spider Man
15.Ultimate Comics Ultimates
16.Ultimate Comics X-Men
17.Uncanny X-Men
18. X-Men

It looks like a lot and trust me it is but it is time to admit that some of these Comics I will be droping soon for various reasons. Some I will drop entirely and others I will get em only online.

What I’ll Drop :

All New X-Men- This may shock some but not everything that Brian Michael Bendis writes is good, however it is good enough for me to get online. I expect this series to finish after X-Men Battle of the Atoms in September.

Captain Marvel: This one I will drop because of budget concerns that I may be overextending and the fact that I cannot afford to get the current crossover here.

Fanboys VS Zombies: Liked it when Sam Humphries was there at the helm but unfortunately I will drop it soon since he left.

Ghostbusters: This one I’m limiting to online, but not physical print.

Green Lantern: Geoff Johns run was nothing short of epic but I feel like it’s time to move on.

Green Lantern New Guardians: The fact that I grew to hate the blue bastards and seeing em here with Kyle Rayner means that I’m leaving this series. I liked it when there were all members of the lantern coprs interacting wit heach other.

“Superior” Spider Man: This “bash” Peter Parker’s legacy is tiring me and after issue 9 I knew that it’s time to let it go. CANNOT STAND that comic anymore.

Uncanny X-Men and X-men: Both are going to buy online only.

There are 2 comics that are upcoming and decided to hatch on and see where it goes from here on:

1.Superman Unchained: Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. Sure Snyder kinda screwed up Death of the Family in the end but I still have faith in him.

2. Batman Beyong Universe: This is one universe that refuses to die and since I watched Batman Beyond as a kid I am glad that it keeps living on even if it is on the comic medium.

stay gold and later