As if DC Comics need more bad news…..Swam Song for The Flash


Another one bite the dust as it is now confirmed that Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul who have been writing The Flash since 2010 are leaving the book for some unknown (as of 2013) for next year. t is a very sad tale since they have done a beautiful job in revamping the Flash and Barry Allen plus in The New 52 era, modernizing both the support cast and the villains. This plus the past news of editorial heavy hand makes me as a fan ask the dreaded question i did not wanted to ask: WHAT THE HELL S GOING ON IN DC COMICS?????? i would ask Dan Didio and Jim Lee to stop their con tours and find out about what is going on since DC is bleeding writers and artist at an alarming rate. Look what happened to Marvel when the exodus happened just at the dawn of the 1990’s. i feel the same may happen to DC and could screw up with their long term plan.

stay gold cause my heart just sank

here is the link for the article